RPDP Life Science for Elementary Teachers – 1 credit
Using the Nevada State Academic Science Standards as a lens for understanding life science, this course will
enhance and support teacher content knowledge by using familiar pedagogical practices applied to understanding
life science principles. The core areas of study include: Molecules to Organisms, Ecosystems, Heredity, and Evolution. A portion of the course will focus on examination of the FOSS kits used in elementary schools.
Furthermore, this course will help elementary teachers develop an awareness and knowledge of the state Nevada
State Academic ELA and Mathematics Standards that are relevant to the Nevada State Academic Science
UNLV SCI630H: Life Sci for El Teach

RPDP Project Based Learning: Science – 1 credit
This one credit class will focus on the concept of Project Based Learning in science instruction at the K-5 level. This class will integrate ELA and math standards as appropriate. Participants will leave this course with a basic foundation of the Next Generation Science Standards, our new NVACSS. Participants will also learn how to maximize classroom instruction time through curriculum compacting.
UNLV SCI 630H: Special Topics: PBL w/Science Focus

RPDP Argumentation through the Lens of Science and Literacy – 2 credits
This two-credit course addresses development of argumentation strategies for the elementary and middle school classroom and literacy techniques that teachers can use with their students to increase the practice of argumentation in the science content area.
UNLV SCI 630H: Argumentation through the Lens of Science and Literacy