SCI 630C/650D, three-credit classes offered to both K-8 and 7-12 certified teachers. Depending upon your individual needs, participants choose to enroll into either the SCI 630C or the SCI 650D section of the class. Separate class numbers are generated to ensure participants enroll into the appropriate course. The course instructor differentiates instruction to meet the needs of the participants. Class numbers (the 5-digit number required for registration within a student’s MyUNLV account) are posted within the current Science K-12 catalog at

RPDP MSSCP Life Science for MS Teachers (Sem. 2) – 3 credits
This three-credit course follows the second semester benchmark sequence for the currently adopted Clark County School District course syllabus for Science 6 with supplements from the NV Science Content Standards. Teachers will participate in an activity-oriented course, which utilizes a variety of teaching strategies including cooperative learning, the writing process, vocabulary building, use of technology, and interdisciplinary instruction. Major topics include; Cells, Genetics, Classification, Environment, and Evolution.
UNLV SCI 630C: Life Science IB (Note: only offered in spring semester)

RPDP HSSCP Biology I for HS Teachers (Sem. 2) – 3 credits
This second semester of the one-year biology course is designed as a survey of the biological sciences. The emphasis is on developing inquiry skills and problem-solving techniques, nature of science, evolution and diversity, human biology, taxonomy and classification and ecology. The course will also familiarize the student with the influences and interrelated nature of science and technology in contemporary society.
UNLV SCI 650D: Biology IB (Note: only offered in spring semester)