SCI 630F/650E, three-credit classes offered to both K-8 and 7-12 certified teachers. Depending upon your individual needs, participants choose to enroll into either the SCI 630F or the SCI 650E section of the class. Separate class numbers are generated to ensure participants enroll into the appropriate course. The course instructor differentiates instruction to meet the needs of the participants. Class numbers (the 5-digit number required for registration within a student’s MyUNLV account) are posted within the current Science K-12 catalog at

RPDP MSSCP Earth Science for MS Teachers (Sem. 1) –3 credits
This three-credit course will follow the first semester benchmark sequence for the currently adopted Clark County School District course syllabus for Science 7with supplements from the NV Science Content Standards. Teachers will use scientific processes, including inquiry, to build understanding of Earth’s structure and place in the Solar System, atmospheric processes, and composition of matter. Critical thinking, collaboration, accuracy, and communication skills will be practiced as students extend their scientific literacy. Field and laboratory experiences are to be an integral part of the course. Major topics include; Plate Tectonics,Constructive and Destructive Forces, Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, and Soil.
UNLV SCI 630F: Earth Science IA (Note: only offered in fall semester)

RPDP HSSCP Earth Science for HS Teachers (Sem. 1) – 3 credits
This first semester of the one-year high school Earth Science course is designed to integrate the scientific principles related to the Earth and its environment.Topics included are matter and energy, Earth chemistry, Earth history, Earth resources and environment, weathering and soil and erosion and depositional systems. Scientific methodology and the metric system will be integrated throughout the course. Demonstrations and/or lab experiences will be an integral part of instruction.
UNLV SCI 650E: Earth Science IA (Note: only offered in fall semester)